Off The Record

Scott Cory   Vocals - Drums

Scott Cory is the rock of the band!  Scott is our hearbeat.  Not only does he sing leads and harmonies but Scott keeps us all in time, rocking along.  Equally adept at aggressive rock songs and laid back ballads, Scott's tight drumming is what makes the whole engine work.  His 30 years of professional gigging experience is invaluable to Off The Record.


Darin WIlson    Lead Vocals -Guitar - Bass

From the soaring highs of Journey to the booming lows of Johnny Cash, Darin Wilson brings his uniquely amazing singing voice to the great hits of the 80's.  Having played in professional cover bands for over 30 years, Darin's pitch perfect vocals are always spot on.  Adding to this amazing vocal talent is the ability to play both lead and rhythm guitar as well as bass as needed.

Tyler Cory    Vocals - Bass

Tyler Cory is a double threat of tight and focused bass playing coupled with an amazing voice.  Capable of both high harmonies and the gritty leads of the 80's metal bands, when we need someone to take on Guns 'N Roses or Billy Idol, Tyler is our man!  Adding to that is his ability to lock down the rhythm section with Scott, Tyler is the youngest member of the band but he is beyond his years in skill.

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Peter Trulin   Vocals - Lead Guitar

Peter Trulin is a true guitar chameleon.  Whether it's the sizzling leads of Stevie Ray Vaughan, the funky swing of Michael Jackson or the thundering growl of Eddie Van Halen, Peter nails every sound.  And his note for note accuracy is unmatched.  Whatever guitar sound is needed, Pete brings it.  Rounding this all out with an amazing voice for both leads and harmonies, Pete's 20+ years of experience on both stage and service give him the tools to get it done!

Jim Ketchum Vocals - Keyboard

Jim is the Jack of all trades in the band.  Both in playing and running the band.  He not only manages the band, but plays a style of keyboard that is equal parts Piano, Organ, Electric Piano and Synth.  Jim works to match the signature keyboard sounds of the big hits of the 80's.  Adding vocals rounds out the "a bit of everything" aspect Jim brings.