The Perfect Party-Music Cocktail? Start with some: 38 Special and INXS; The Cars and Joan Jett; Van Halen and Eddie Money; Journey and Def Leppard. Now throw in some great songs from the 90's: Green Day to Weezer; Red Hot Chili Peppers to Sublime; Lenny Kravitz to Harvey Danger. Add a generous portion of 70's Funk: The Commodores to Wild Cherry. Finish it off with some tasty morsels from today: Pink to Maroon 5. Mix it all together and you have OFF THE RECORD. We're a large band with a big, full and tight sound. We bring professional gear, a great light show and a fun crowd. Boasting 5 musicians, We have amazing lead singers, 2 stud guitar players, A rhythm section that will rattle your soul, sweet keyboards and a drummer who will keep you dancing all night long. We bring over 50 songs in a 4 hour show! We even dress well. If you need a band that can do songs the other bands just cannot do, and do them with great flair and style, you need: OFF THE RECORD. 

Scott Cory - Drums/Vox

Peter Trulin - Lead Guitar/Vox

Tyler Cory - Bass/Vox

Darin Wilson - Vocals/Guitar


Jim Ketchum - Keyboards


Dance 80's - Rock/Pop/Funk